Bob Neiman

Bob NeimanThis is dedicated to the memory of our beloved Therapy Dog friend “Bob”, who passed away on Friday, January 25th.  Bob’s handlers, Gary and Sandy Neiman, have been bringing Bob and his brother Barty to visit us at Kratzer for the past few years.  Bob was so gentle and patient with the students, as they were anxious to hold him on their laps, pet him or take him for a walk in the halls.  Bob even helped us plant tulips in the courtyard with Mrs. Hein last spring.  We will miss our visits with Bob, but are fortunate for the times we spent with him and that his brother Barty will continue to visit us each month!  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the therapy dog program, here is a brief description:

Therapy Dogs are registered dogs that visit people in nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities, schools, and other institutions in an effort to motivate, encourage and lift spirits. Therapy Dogs and their handlers share the dogs’ unconditional love with the people they visit. Therapy Dogs can enter any facility that allows therapy animals on their premises. This is not the same as a service dog (seeing-eye for example) that can enter stores and restaurants. It has been determined that the petting of a dog can help to relieve stress and lower blood pressure. “Therapy Dog” is not a title. A dog that has successfully passed the Therapy Dog test actually becomes a therapy dog when the dog makes a therapy visit.  

We appreciate the opportunity to have these wonderful dogs and their handlers visit and interact with the students each month!

Mrs. Luca and Mrs. Miller

CLIU Classes Rooms 105 & 106